Treat Yourself To A Body Kneads Massage Session

Treat yourself to a relaxing and therapeutic session of professional massage at Body Kneads Massage. The different types of massage techniques are designed to provide different results for varying situations.

A deep tissue massage by has the goal of helping the deeper muscle structures and fascia. It is a massage that is more focused, where muscle “knots” and aschronic muscle tensions are released and removed. It is a very intense pressure, so this mode is for those who like a vigorous session.

A Swedish massage uses different techniques that are designed to promote the easing of muscle tension and relaxation. It promotes good blood circulation and it gives the muscles a good toning. This is one of the more popular types of massage and is a great place to start if you are new to a massage therapy session.

A massage using hot stones is very relaxing in a deeper sense, as the warmth from the hot stones improves the circulation and helps to calm the nervous system. For people who feel chilly all the time and who have cold hands and feet, do very will with this type of massage. Just add a touch of lavender, and your muscles will relax as you drift off to a quiet nap.

A sports massage is for athletes, but it can also be good for anybody who has exerted themselves or strained beyond their capabilities. Sports massage helps athletes to get ready for an event, and helps to aid the muscle recovery after an event is over.

For migraine headaches, a cold stone massage uses cold marble stones and essential oils positioned on the head and neck which will relieve all manners of the pains of headaches.

Prenatal massage helps to relax the tense muscles of the back and abdomen that are strained by a growing baby. The massage is tailored exactly to the needs of pregnant women and how it can help their bodies during the changes of pregnancy.

Massage therapy has been around for over 2,000 years as it was found to relax people and loosen the muscles. The heat and effect of certain essential oils that can be used in conjunction with the massage, have beneficial effects on the muscles and circulation of the body in general, and certain muscle groups in particular.

Give your nearest Body Kneads facility a call now, and set a time for your visit, and enjoy a relaxing and beneficial session.